Rolling hills and mountain ridges, broad expanses of woods and open meadows surround a village, a meetinghouse, a stone wall, a narrow dirt road. This beautiful landscape — anchored by Mount Monadnock, bounded by the eastern hills and the Connecticut River — has working farms and forests as well as wild lands. Moose browse on spring buds and black bears forage for blueberries; the deeper lakes are home to nesting loons and native brook trout thrive in coldwater streams. There are places to hike, to hunt, to paddle and to simply enjoy the quiet outdoors. The water is clean, the air clear and the night skies dark.

The New England that has disappeared in so many other places is alive and well in the Monadnock region. The people who live, work and play here value and care for the land, embracing the connections between the landscape and the economic and social vitality of the region. There is a strong sense of community, and people work together to ensure that the region’s unique rural character will remain through the changes of today and tomorrow.


As a land trust for southwestern New Hampshire, our mission is to work with communities and landowners to conserve the natural resources, wild and working lands, rural character and scenic beauty of the Monadnock region. We care for our conservation lands, and we engage people in ways that strengthen their communities and their connections to the land.


  • Connect people and the land, people and their communities, and people and the Monadnock Conservancy
  • Protect and steward land that contributes to ecological health, wildlife habitat, water quality, outdoor recreation, and working farms and forests
  • Facilitate informed land use decision-making at the individual, landowner and community levels, targeting broader audiences beyond owners of existing conservation land
  • Conserve agricultural lands, the agricultural way of life and viable local food systems
  • Ensure the sustainability of the Monadnock Conservancy

Strategic plan

A two-part planning process led to the development of the Monadnock Conservancy’s currenty strategic plan. We first invited nearly 300 people to participate in small group discussions or one-on-one interviews about the importance of land to the quality of life in this region. Next, we assembled a working group of staff, trustees and community members. Together the group compiled and analyzed the notes from the discussions and interviews, identified key themes and then advised on how to use the input received to develop a plan. At a full-day planning retreat, board and staff prioritized the themes. The end result is this strategic plan, a detailed document that outlines the five priorities of the Conservancy for the next five years. Each priority touches on both the core work that we intend to continue and the new programming we will undertake. Most importantly, this plan clarifies our commitment to land conservation in the greater Monadnock region.

Download the Monadnock Conservancy's 2012-2017 strategic plan.