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Whitcomb Woodland

A special place full of memories

Photo of winter woods by Stacy Cibula

Most people have a place full of fond childhood memories. For siblings Charlie Domina and Judy Dimock, Whitcomb Woodland is that special place. As kids, they spent a lot of time exploring the 60 acres owned by their family — playing in the woods, climbing trees, and enjoying the wildlife. But how could they keep it that way for others now that it’s time to sell the land?

“I remember sleeping on the porch and hearing the whippoorwills,” Domina said.

Charlie and Judy decided to protect the land by signing conservation agreements with the Conservancy. The property is located on Daniels Hill Road in Keene, N.H. and enlarges an existing 800-acre block of conserved land, including the Horatio Colony Nature Preserve. The woodland features many trees and lush vegetation. Charlie and Judy donated the two conservation easements to honor their late sister, Emily Stone, and to ensure that the property will never lose its integrity as a natural forest.

Now, thanks to the siblings’ foresight, other kids who live here will get to have similar experiences on the land. Conserving the land protects the wildlife and provides natural scenery for Keene to enjoy for many years to come.

“It’s an important piece of property for Keene. It’s close to the center of town, but it’s really still quite rural. It will be nice to maintain it that way.” - Charlie Domina