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Loving Where She Lives

Conservation of land, sacred site keeps memories alive
Photo of a shrine by Anne McBride

“It’s on an unpaved road with lots of trees overhead and a very big forest when I look out my front window,” said Pat Haley, a former Keene Sentinel writer/editor and general adventurer, in describing why she loves where she lives. When her husband, Edward Sullivan, passed away in the early 2000s, she wanted to honor his memory, which she was able to do in 2009 by conserving their land. “I knew these were his wishes,” Pat said.

Besides wanting to keep the 29 acres in Spofford intact, Pat had another reason to conserve the property. About a 20 minute walk from the house sits a sacred shrine to the Hindu god Ganesh. The shrine was an idea of her husband’s and some friends. Their mission was simple: to create a sacred place in the woods that provided spiritual sustenance.

Pat still enjoys going to the site because it reminds her of her husband. “He just loved the woods here and was out there every day. I’m always really close to him when I’m out there.”