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Photo of child eating carrot by Katrina Farmer

Healthy, Farm Fresh Kids

Conservancy farm program gets children outside

This summer, youth ages 8 to 13 came to Tracie’s Community Farm in Fitzwilliam, N.H., twice a week for five weeks to participate in community building activities, hands-on gardening time, and healthy cooking and living. Each year, kids come and go, but over the four years we’ve hosted Kids Connect!, there is one child who consistently comes… Charlie.

He’s going into 5th grade, and can still be hesitant to try new recipes. Yet Charlie always helps with food prep, and he can often be found snacking on a carrot. In the garden, he’s now one of the first to kick off his shoes and get his toes deep into the soil -- or sink right up to his knees in the mud after a rain storm.

It is important that children get outside, be active, and connect to the people and nature around them. Kids Connect! provides this opportunity by covering all the costs of transportation to a local conserved farm and then leading an afternoon full of activity and of course delicious, healthy, farm fresh snacking.

You know what that adds up to? Big smiles from Charlie and all the kids.