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A Win-Win-Win

Conservation for the greater good and the bottom line
Photo of a big boulder in the woods by Anne McBride

Pat Lake owned 180 acres of forest adjacent to her home in Keene, just north of the Greater Goose Pond Forest. When it came time to sell, Pat recognized that a lot of people grew up spending time out on this land, and she wanted them to feel that they would always have this place to enjoy. The question was how to realize her dream.

She contacted the Monadnock Conservancy, because the land also abuts the Conservancy’s Maynard Forest, used for research, education, and forestry. The Conservancy decided to buy the Lake property, which is perfect site for growing high-quality red oak, both to expand its existing block of conservation land to 300 acres and to ensure a long-term stream of sustainable forestry income.

“A lot of people are hunters and outdoorsmen, my husband included, and I think they are happy to have [the land] protected,” Pat said.

It’s a win-win-win because her dream came true, the public got perpetual access to the property, and the Conservancy got a valuable addition to its portfolio of conserved lands.