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New Experiences, With a Serving of Veggies

Farm program gets kids outside
Photo of kids in mud by Katrina Farmer

“I can’t get my kid to go outside except for this program,” says the mom of an 8-year-old boy. Twice a week this summer, kids from Keene and Peterborough have been coming to Tracie’s Community Farm, a conserved property in Fitzwilliam, N.H. Though the mom’s comment was made in passing, she sums up in one sentence what Kids Connect! Fun on the Farm is all about. 

Mud puddles and zucchini pancakes
Kids are invited to “come as they are, do what they can.” Initially there is hesitation about walking through mud and large puddles of water.

“I am not stepping in that puddle,” says Lakota, age 7. A few minutes later, she is barefoot and ankle deep in it, joined by other kids and laughing.

Each session, the kids also have time in the outdoor kitchen, prepping vegetables, helping make the recipe for the daily snack. They’ve tried kohlrabi salad, kale pesto, and zucchini pancakes, amongst other things. “I wish I could take this food home,” says Alejandra, age 11.

For kids who might not otherwise have such an opportunity, these afternoons on the farm offer them the chance for carefree time. Thanks to partner agencies Keene Housing Kids Collaborative, Monadnock Family Services, and Western Hillsborough Family Program Services, as well as great support from donors Hugh and Gay Eaton!

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