Collaborate with towns


The Monadnock Conservancy works together with communities in the Monadnock region of southwestern New Hampshire to engage the people who live, work and play here in local conservation planning efforts.

There’s something special to each of these communities. Recognizing that towns aren’t going to stay that way unless local community members work to protect the natural resources and rural character of their towns, the Conservancy works with community members to identify specifically what places, resources and qualities make each town unique. The Conservancy then supports conservation planning and various local projects and policies that keep natural resources and conservation values in place.

Each year more towns and thus more people get involved in identifying special places; each year more land is protected thanks to outreach efforts. Our staff is available to work with any of the 35 towns of the Monadnock region.


Working with towns

The Monadnock Conservancy works toward establishing a collaborative vision and outlining actions to shape the region’s landscapes, communities and economies. Community volunteers and town officials ask for help each year in setting local conservation priorities, educating neighbors and building municipal funds for conservation projects. The Conservancy offers assistance by working with towns to build the human and financial capacity needed to accomplish local land conservation. This is best accomplished by collaborating with towns and reaching out to a variety of people about the desired future of our region. With this focus, the program is also designed to:

  • Engage diverse community members
  • Strengthen local leadership
  • Increase understanding of the role land plays in the character of the region and the local quality of life
  • Connect people to the land
  • Inspire landowners to protect their land and to utilize best management practices for forestry and agriculture
  • Build consensus
  • Identify priorities and develop action-oriented strategies
  • Secure conservation funding
  • Support towns’ ongoing conservation efforts


Projects are customized to meet each town’s specific needs, building on any previous or existing planning efforts and taking into consideration the unique attitudes and culture of the community members. Here are some services our staff frequently provides:

  • Mapping
  • Sharing natural resource and history information
  • Collecting local knowledge about natural history, cultural resources and local conservation stories
  • Conducting natural resource inventories
  • Leading walks on the land
  • Teaching people the skills to identify and to protect their special places and the important natural resources of their communities
  • Assisting communities with developing local conservation plans

Partners & supporters

Partnerships and collaborations are guiding principles for the Monadnock Conservancy. We work closely with other conservation land trusts, state and federal agencies, municipalities and a wide range of other organizations. The reason is simple: We can do much more working together than alone.